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Legal Trends by Hannes – Episode 3: When Merger Control Ends Up in Court – What to Expect in Europe and the Nordic Countries

1 June 2021

Mergers are not always straightforward processes. Occasionally, merger control cases end up in court, either on an EU or national level. In this episode, we discuss recent trends in merger control litigation with Foad Hoseinian of Sullivan & Cromwell in Brussels (who also acted as a long-time clerk for a judge at the General Court of the EU) and Mikko Huimala, a competition law partner from Hannes Snellman’s Helsinki office. The discussion sheds light on merger control (litigation) trends in the EU and the Nordic countries.

Legal Trends by Hannes is a podcast focusing on different phenomena and trends in the legal industry. The first season focuses on global litigation trends and is hosted by our experienced dispute resolution lawyers, Partner Anna-Maria Tamminen and Managing Associate Helen Lehto.

Listen to Episode 3 here.