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New Appointments at Hannes Snellman in March 2021

1 March 2021

One of Hannes Snellman’s core values is creating an empowering environment for our people to grow as leading professionals. Thus. we are more than excited to announce that the following experienced lawyers and other professionals have been appointed to the following positions:


Heikki Majamaa, Specialist Partner, Finance, Helsinki

Katja Heikkinen, Managing Associate, Real Assets, Helsinki

Janne Veneranta, Managing Associate, Finance, Helsinki

Karoliina Kyläkoski, Senior Associate, M&A, Helsinki

Nathalie Miskin, Senior Associate, Competition and Procurement, Stockholm

Matias Moberg, Senior Associate, Finance, Helsinki

Jonas Sjöberg, Senior Associate, Private M&A, Stockholm

Stefan Stellato, Senior Associate, Tax, Helsinki

Business Support

Jari Sairanen, Head of Finance and Control, Helsinki

Sara Saukkonen, HR Business Specialist, Helsinki

Mari Sipiläinen, HR Business Specialist, Helsinki

Annie Tillmo, HR Business Specialist, Stockholm

Markus Norling, Senior Graphic Designer, Stockholm