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Proposal concerning the amendments to the Finnish wind power feed-in tariff system is being circulated for comments

18 June 2015

The Finnish Ministry of Employment and the Economy is requesting comments for the draft government bill for amending the Act on Production Subsidy for Electricity Produced from Renewable Energy Sources (Feed-In Tariff Act).

The draft government bill does not propose amendments to the current feed-in-tariff system capacity of 2500 MVA. For those wind power plants that will be approved for the feed-in tariff system the proposal does not contain amendments to the total capacity of 2500 MVA nor to the production subsidies for produced electricity.

According to the proposal, the approval of a wind power plant would in the future require a valid tariff quota decision. New tariff quota decisions would not be validated after the combined nominal output capacity of projects admitted to the feed-in tariff system and projects that have received a tariff quota decision would exceed 2500 MVA for the first time.

Also, according to the proposal, the tariff quota decision would be valid until November 2017 at most.

Possible comments are requested to be submitted to the Ministry of Employment and the Economy by 30 July. The intention is to submit the bill to the Parliament by the beginning of the fall term at the latest. The amendment should enter into force in fall 2015.

We will keep you updated, and we are happy to give you further information should you have any questions.

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