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Markus Manninen and Silja Kanerva Re-Appointed to the Anti-Doping Supervisory Board of the Finnish Center for Integrity in Sports

4 December 2018

The General Assembly of FINCIS has re-appointed Specialist Partner Markus Manninen as the chair and Associate Silja Kanerva as a vice-chair of the Anti-doping Supervisory Board. 
The Anti-doping Supervisory Board is an independent body that processes the doping cases and decides whether the action of an athlete is to be regarded as an anti-doping rule violation. Markus Manninen has unique and strong experience in matters related to anti-doping, and he holds several high-profile positions of trust in different sports-related federations. In addition, Markus serves as a CAS arbitrator and has been a member of the FINCIS Supervisory Board since 2009. Silja Kanerva has, in addition to her legal expertise, an exceptional background as a professional athlete. She focused on sailing professionally at the Olympic level for several years before her legal career.
FINCIS is responsible for implementing international agreements on anti-doping activity, the manipulation of sports competitions and spectator comfort and safety in Finland and engages in proactive collaboration with other sector stakeholders both domestically and internationally.