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Hannes Snellman Counsel to the Buying Consortium (Ahlström Capital BV and Nidoco AB) in Its Investment in the Decor Business Area of Ahlstrom-Munksjö

25 May 2022

Hannes Snellman acted as counsel to the buying consortium comprising Ahlström Capital BV and Nidoco AB, in the investment in the majority share of Ahlstrom-Munksjö’s Decor Solutions business area. The Decor Solutions business area is one of Ahlstrom-Munksjö‘s five reporting segments offering the broadest assortment of high-quality decor papers in its industry. The production of the Decor Solutions business takes place at six plants: Unterkochen and Dettingen in Germany, Tolosa in Spain, Arches in France, Caieiras in Brazil, and Xingtai in China. Including Xingtai, which was acquired in January 2022, the annual net sales of the Decor Solutions business is approximately EUR 500 million, and it has a production capacity of around 250,000 tons. Currently the combined businesses employ 1,200 people. The planned reorganisation is expected to be completed by the end of the third quarter of 2022.

Ahlström Capital BV is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ahlström Capital Oy, a family-owned investment company focusing on industrial companies, real estate, and forestry. Nidoco AB is a Swedish investment company whose strategy is to create long-term value through active ownership of public and private companies. Nidoco is currently a leading shareholder of three listed companies with head offices in the Nordic region, and it has direct and indirect investments in more than 300 unlisted companies globally. Nidoco is an independent part of the Virala Group.

Our core team comprised Johan Aalto, Johanna Wärnberg, and Mikael Lustig (M&A), Panu Siitonen and Anniina Jaatinen (IP & Tech), Antti Nyberg, Matias Moberg, and Pauliina Sutinen (Finance), and Peter Forsberg and Lars Lundgren (Competition).

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