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Real Assets Highlights H1/2024 | Green Transition Edition

31 May 2024

We have published the H1/2024  issue of our Real Assets Highlights Newsletter. This issue focuses on green transition and the Finnish energy market.

The Finnish Energy Market: Strategic Investments in Renewable Energy

Finland’s ambitious climate goals create a favourable environment for green transition investments.

The Finnish energy market is undergoing a significant transformation that offers many opportunities for investors and developers who are interested in clean and renewable energy sources. The Finnish Government has ambitious goals to promote green transition and make Finland a leader in clean energy in Europe. The Government Programme of 2023 envisages a record amount of new electricity generation, such as nuclear, offshore and onshore wind, and solar PV power, across the nation during this decade, as well as an increase in the share of renewable energy in the energy production mix. The desire is also to attract new industrial investments that are needed for the new investments into electricity generation to materialise.

According to the Confederation of Finnish Industries, the investment pipeline in Finland is strong, as investment initiatives into green transition projects are estimated at €200 billion with a substantial portion directed towards electricity generation. Onshore and offshore wind power accounts for more than three quarters of these investments, and solar PV and hydrogen projects are also gaining momentum. These projects have the potential to create jobs, boost the economy, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Finland.

You can read the full text here.


The Real Assets Highlights Newsletter brings together interesting news and current themes especially from real estate and green transition markets.

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