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Maria Wasastjerna’s Article on Competition and Sustainability Published in Concurrences

11 November 2020

LL.D. Maria Wasastjerna, Partner and Co-Head of our Competition Practice, has co-authored an article for Concurrences Review with our alumnus Michael Ristaniemi, Vice President for Sustainability at Metsä Group. The article discusses the definition of sustainability and looks at the relation between sustainability and competition policy as an overlooked opportunity. The authors also consider the potential for green cooperation between businesses and argue that competition rules, or the fear of their enforcement, should not stand in the way of important actions by companies to achieve sustainability goals. 

The piece is published in Concurrences Review N° 4-2020 and included in a set of articles exploring the interactions and tensions between the implementation of fundamental EU principles and objectives, such as environmental protection and sustainable development, and European competition policy. The article is available for subscribers on Concurrences’ website here.

Concurrences is a leading legal publisher, dedicated to antitrust law and competition economics, founded in 2004.