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The Second Edition of the Hannes Snellman Fashion Law Review Is Here

14 April 2021

We are excited to publish the second edition of the Hannes Snellman Fashion Law Review. The first edition received a great deal of attention, and we are grateful for all the comments we received from our readers. The purpose of this publication is to highlight interesting cases and trends within the fashion industry and to give you, as a designer, brand, retailer, or other key players within the fashion industry, a chance to learn more about the legal aspects to be taken into account when growing and expanding your business.

In this second edition, we examine some topical issues within the fashion industry, including how to use environmental marketing claims correctly and how to take advantage of AI solutions in the context of e-commerce. We also take a look at recent branding trends and the impact they have on brand protection. We also discuss what aspects should be taken into consideration before selling a trademark comprising a person’s own name. Furthermore, we look into the different outsourcing models and the ways in which they can help fashion industry players to gain access to cutting-edge innovations and market-leading know-how.

Hannes Snellman’s retail and fashion lawyers provide innovation and flexibility in an increasingly complex legal and regulatory environment. We have experts from different legal disciplines to proactively guide you with thoughtful business planning and creative strategies to address the emerging legal issues the retail and fashion industries are facing.

We hope you enjoy the second edition of the Hannes Snellman Fashion Law Review!

Download the full pdf here.