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Juli Mansnérus Appointed as Vice Chairman of the Copyright Council

21 October 2020

The Finnish Government has appointed Counsel, LL.D. Juli Mansnérus as the Vice Chairman of the Copyright Council as of 15 October 2020.

Juli has vast experience in IP and life sciences related commercialisation strategy aspects and regulatory compliance issues. She advises transnational clients in a wide range of industries in all fields of IP law, IP-related litigation, data protection, and contract law. Juli holds a doctorate in law from the University of Helsinki, and she is involved in academia as a post-doctoral researcher and a responsible teacher of a number of university courses and seminars on topics relating to European and Nordic health law, IP law, and consumer law.

The duties of the Copyright Council (Tekijänoikeusneuvosto) include assisting the Ministry of Education and Culture in the processing of matters related to copyright and issuing statements on how the Copyright Act (404/1961) is to be applied.