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Hannes Snellman in Cooperation with Soaked by Slush Podcast Episode 11 — Jimmy Wales from Wikipedia, the Black Sheep of the Internet

3 December 2020

The internet would not be the same without Wikipedia. In this episode, the Soaked by Slush podcast is hosting its founder, Jimmy Wales. Even in the modern age of the internet, Wikipedia still remains among the 15 largest web sites, whilst still holding on to its philosophy from the early days. It stands apart because of its unique business model compared to the other, more modern tech giants.

Where did Wikipedia come from and how was it built? How has it been able to become what we all know it for today, without selling ads or building addictive algorithms? What does Jimmy think about the internet in 2020?

In this episode, expect to learn:

  • What Jimmy’s views on building a tech company today are and how he sees the future of Wikipedia
  • If Jimmy regrets not monetising Wikipedia
  • What Jimmy would do if he founded Wikipedia today
  • If Jimmy still edits articles on Wikipedia himself
  • What Jimmy thinks about modern day social media and how he is trying to solve the problem by building one himself
  • What Jimmy does on Zoom every Sunday

This episode is sponsored by Hannes Snellman and is available on:

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