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Hannes Snellman Cooperating with Venner to Support Disadvantaged Families

14 June 2021

This spring, Hannes Snellman’s corporate citizenship team arranged a charity collection to join Venner Nutrition in their efforts to tackle global epidemics of food insecurity, obesity, and wellbeing polarisation. Our employees had the opportunity to donate money to the collection, and the firm doubled the donated amount. With the raised amount, we are able to help several families in the form of Venner’s nutritious food boxes throughout the summer.

Cooperation with Venner enables us to provide help to those who need it, quickly and in a very concrete way. Our cooperation with Venner started a year ago when Hannes Snellman together with employees participated in Venner’s ‘Lunch for Every Child’ (‘Jokaiselle lapselle lounas’) campaign. Together with Venner and our staff, we are involved in creating a positive social impact and are able to translate the values that are important to us into practice”, says Partner Johan Aalto, who coordinates Hannes Snellman’s corporate citizenship work.

Venner is a nutrition and food education startup tackling the global epidemics of food insecurity, obesity, and wellbeing polarisation. Venner’s award-winning social intervention has proven impact among food insecure families. Venner’s solution creates wellbeing within all parts of society through an empowering combination of healthy food and nutrition education, whilst offering tools for the public sector to utilise preventative nutrition.