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Maria Wasastjerna as a Speaker at the Information Policy Working Group of Parliamentary Parties

6 October 2020

Partner, LL.D. Maria Wasastjerna will be speaking at the event of the Information Policy Working Group of Parliamentary Parties on 7 October. Maria will be discussing the most recent developments and the significant future trends in the field of competition law.

The Information Policy Working Group comprise members from all parliamentary parties, and the group’s purpose is to create prepared views on current information policy issues and to increase visibility, understanding, competence, and importance of information policy in the parties and jointly in the Finnish field of political debate.

Maria Wasastjerna has extensive experience in competition law, compliance, and regulatory matters. She received her Doctor of Laws degree from the University of Helsinki in 2019. Maria’s research concerned the interplay between data, privacy, and competition law in the digital economy. Based on her dissertation, she has recently published a book with Wolters Kluwer on the growing role of data and privacy in the competitive landscape of digital markets.