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Hannes Snellman at Nordic Sports Law Seminar 2017

24 October 2017

Hannes Snellman will be participating in Nordic Sports Law Seminar 2017 in Helsinki.

If you would like to meet up with any of our sports, media, or entertainment lawyers present, please do not hesitate to contact:

Elisabeth Vestin, Specialist Partner

Markus Manninen, Counsel

Suvi-Tuuli Saarnio, Associate

Emilia Uusitalo, Associate

Markus Manninen, who works as a counsel at Hannes Snellman and as a CAS arbitrator, will give a presentation entitled “Athlete Biological Passport: Legal Issues and Challenges” as a part of an anti-doping update in the seminar on Friday 27 October at 10:15–11:45 and participate in a panel discussion entitled “Future Challenges of Doping Cases” on Friday 27 October at 12:45–13:45.

The Finnish Sports Law Association will host the eighth traditional Nordic Sports Law Seminar in central Helsinki 27–28 October 2017. The seminar will bring together leading Nordic sports law professionals, lawyers, executives, academics, students, and other enthusiasts to share information and to stay up to date on relevant issues that impact sports law. 


Elisabeth Vestin | Markus Manninen | Suvi-Tuuli Saarnio | Emilia Uusitalo