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Greetings from Alumni - Spring 2020 Highlights

24 June 2020

What is Antti Heikinheimo’s life like at the moment? What does Silja Kanerva remember of her first day at Hannes Snellman? What has it been like for Maiju Kettunen to work abroad? To find out, please visit our website and read their interviews. You will also find the interviews of our other three alumni, Mirva Näsi, who now works as a market court judge, Tuomo Heikkinen, who has just finished his first year as an in-house counsel, and Michael Ristaniemi, whose career has taken some interesting twists and turns.

Our alumni series will take a short summer break, but we will be back with new alumni stories after the summer. Many interesting career stories and wisdoms are yet to be shared, so stay tuned!