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Get to Know Us | Sazan Anwar, Law Student Trainee, Private M&A, Stockholm

31 May 2022

How did you end up as a law student trainee at Hannes Snellman

I have always been curious about what it’s like to work with law in practice, and not just in theory. When I saw the trainee programme, I instantly thought it was as a good opportunity to gain a practical insight into what it is like working with business law, more specifically private M&A. With that said, I did not hesitate to apply for the position. Now that my time at Hannes Snellman is coming to an end (for now), I’m forever grateful for my choice!


What was the best and what was the most challenging part of working as a trainee?

The best part of working as a trainee was definitely working alongside the people in the private M&A team! The most challenging part was to learn all the legal terms in English. This was new to me, as we have not had legal English in school. However, these new experiences were truly valuable and  will contribute to my future career as a lawyer.


What advice would you give yourself on your first day at law school and your first day working at a law firm?

The advice that I would give to myself on my first day at law school is to have a relaxed attitude for the next coming years and that everything works out fine in the end!


How would you describe the culture at Hannes Snellman?

I would describe the Hannes Snellman culture as welcoming and relaxed. In addition to the fact that my colleagues are very professional at their job, they are also very inclusive and friendly!


Favourite | Book The Game of Thrones series. Lunch A fresh salad. Podcast Ursäkta. Work Equipment Two screens. Afternoon Routine Read a book or watch Youtube/Netflix. Mobile Application Outlook. Relaxation Method Long showers and facemasking. Work Outfit Anything with a blazer on top of it. Power Song Energy (stay far away) by Skepta and Wizkid. Social Media Channel Instagram. Drink Cosmopolitan (Vodka Redbull to be honest haha…). Weekday Sunday. Leisure Activity Gym.

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