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Get to Know Us | Olivia Svedmark, Law Student Trainee, Private M&A, Stockholm

21 December 2021

How did you end up as a law student trainee at Hannes Snellman?

I found out about the law student trainee programme when Annie, Hannes’s HR business specialist, posted about the programme in our local Umeå University Law Student Facebook group. Since it seemed like a great opportunity to gain insight and experience of what it is like to work in a business law firm, I decided to apply for the programme. Shortly thereafter, I was called to an interview, and a few days later I was offered the job, which I gladly accepted.


What was your first impression of Hannes Snellman?

I actually did not know much about Hannes Snellman before I found out about the trainee programme. In the interview and on my first day at the office, my impression was that everyone working in the firm were very welcoming, kind, and professional, which is still my impression after having been here for these months.


What advice would you give yourself on your first day at law school and your first day working at a law firm?

On my first day/days of law school, I would have told myself that I do not need to become stressed and insecure just because I did not have much pre-knowledge about law and the legal system. When studying a new subject, you learn so quickly and just a few weeks into the studies, you will feel much more comfortable and confident. On your first day at a law firm, I would advise you to ask questions when you do not understand, to be yourself, and to show that you are interested.


What is the best and what is the most challenging part of working as a trainee?

I would say that the best part as well as the most challenging part is that the way of working is very different from the way of studying, in the quite obvious aspect of the studies being very theoretical while working is practical.


Favourite| Way of Commuting I like walking when the distance (and weather) is manageable. Book I am ashamed to say but I have not read a fictional book in years. However, I think everyone should read Katarina Wennstam’s books. She is really good at illustrating consequences of gender inequality. Lunch My favourite type of lunch is definitely a filling salad with lots of dressing. Work Equipment I must say double screens. They make working much more effective since you can view many documents at the same time. Afternoon Routine When at the office, I do not really have an afternoon routine. However, around three we often have an unofficial coffee break. Mobile Application Google Maps, since I am new in Stockholm and not that good at navigating. Relaxation Method Sauna! Work Outfit A long dress since it is very comfortable yet dressy. Social Media Channel I must say Instagram (because of all the dog memes). Drink? Apart from a glass of good wine, my favourite drinks are sour drinks like whiskey sour, amaretto sour and Tom Collins. Weekday Mondays, especially if I have had a quiet weekend. Leisure Activity Horseback riding, going to the gym, and baking/cooking

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