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Get to Know Us | Jessica Riipi, Legal Assistant, M&A, Helsinki

3 November 2020

Jessica Riipi works as a legal assistant in our M&A team. She works closely with five lawyers and deals mainly with projects relating to M&A and infrastructure and energy. Jessica joined Hannes Snellman in January 2020, and she holds a master’s degree in business and economics from Lund University. As Jessica has now been working with us for almost a year, we wanted to ask her a few questions.

You have been working at Hannes Snellman since January 2020. How has it been so far?

I really enjoy working at Hannes Snellman! Even though I have previous experience within the legal field, I have learned a lot about mergers and acquisitions, different business sectors, and business life cycles.

I have felt right from the beginning that I fit in in the hard-working but fun atmosphere, where everyone takes their jobs seriously but genuinely enjoys working together.  

For most of my time at Hannes Snellman, we have been working mainly from home. However, I think we have the best tools and team spirit to get the work done even though people cannot physically be in the same place at all times.

What is the best part and what is the most challenging part about your work?

I think the best part is the responsibility, interesting projects, and great colleagues. Generally, I think that assistants at Hannes Snellman are an important part of the team and we are relied on. Our team also works with interesting projects on a daily basis, and it is great to be a part of these projects.

My work can be a bit challenging at times due to many ongoing projects and occasionally hectic days. Still, working with impressive projects and great colleagues has proven to be quite fun and makes it worthwhile!

What kind of skills are important for a legal assistant?

You need to be a team player, service minded, and always try to think ahead of things, since the main task of legal assistants is to support their team. It is also important to be flexible and precise and to have a critical mindset. Sometimes things change rapidly, and you need to be able to adapt to changes. On top of these qualities, good knowledge of the MS Office and other IT skills are essential. In my experience, a sense of humour also helps during stressful days!

What is the best advice you have received when it comes to your career?

Someone told me that you should choose your job environment wisely, since you spend at least eight hours a day at your job. I think this applies to both your job tasks and your colleagues.

How do you maintain the balance between work life and free time?

The best way to relax is to go for a run or long walk while listening to a good playlist on Spotify. I also try to spend as much time as possible with my family and friends.  


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