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Get to Know Us | Emilia Lanu, Client Relations Coordinator, Helsinki

3 January 2020

When did you start working at Hannes Snellman?

I joined Hannes Snellman as a legal assistant trainee in January 2014. Later the same year, I moved to our Client Relations team to cover for a colleague who was on study leave, and I have stayed on that path ever since.

What is included in a “normal” working day?

I work with all kind of matters related to marketing and communications, be it publishing a news piece on our channels or planning and organising an event. In particular, I focus on client seminars and events of various sizes and formats. Due to the nature of my work, no day is like the other. Some days I am attending events in or outside of our office to make sure that everything runs smoothly, and other days I jump from one meeting to another in order to plan, prepare, and organise our upcoming projects.

Can you describe your working group?

We have a great team consisting of altogether eight full-time members in Helsinki and Stockholm. All of us focus on slightly different areas, but we often help each other out in difficult situations and share ideas and best practices with each other on a daily basis. Since CR work involves many people in the firm, I also get to cooperate with lawyers, assistants, and other support teams regularly.

What do you like about your job and what do you wish could be improved?

I like so many things about my job! The versatility, the intriguing tasks and projects, the challenges, the opportunities to learn new and grow as a professional, the sense of community and being able to help my colleagues, and last but not least the amazing and talented people I get to work with every day.

Can you describe the Hannes Snellman culture?

The atmosphere at Hannes Snellman is incredibly encouraging, inspiring, and supportive. Even when the schedules are tight, everyone is committed and striving to do their best. Seeing how driven and passionate my colleagues are about their work is a huge motivator.

How does internationality show in a client relations coordinator’s work?

Since we are not only a Finnish firm, I also communicate and work a lot in English. I talk with my Swedish colleagues often, and we meet face-to-face as well. In some of our seminars and events, we host international guests, and sometimes, we arrange events abroad. Planning and organising an event that takes place on the other side of the globe is not easy but definitely exiting.

What are your TOP 3 tips for students planning a career in the field of marketing and communications?

With curiosity, attentiveness, and a can-do-attitude, you will definitely go a long way.

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