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Colleague to Colleague Goes Cross-Border: Albert & Matias

1 April 2022

Albert Danielsson and Matias Moberg work as senior associates in our Finance Team, Albert in Stockholm and Matias in Helsinki. We asked them what the key to successful cross-border teamwork between them and their team is.

Shared Experiences

Me and Matias started at Hannes Snellman at approximately the same time and have, during our time with the firm, cooperated on several cross-border projects, and I have also had the privilege of spending some time in Helsinki on a secondment to work with the Helsinki team on a day-to-day basis. Our shared experience enables us to seamlessly handle any local law issues that may come up during the course of a transaction or any other project. Given the number of projects we have cooperated on, we are also able to anticipate local law issues before they occur, which I believe gives us a significant edge in providing cross-border advice. At the same time, you are always able to pick up the phone (or rather use Teams) to discuss any Finnish law issues that may arise. To me, this ensures a very smooth cross-border collaboration.

Zero-Threshold to Communication

Due to our two offices, we regularly have cross-border projects and – very fortunately – during these projects, cooperation naturally occurs irrespective of where your direct colleague or team member is located. However, not all transactions or projects have cross-border elements as such, but every once in a while, one comes across questions that require local law input from another jurisdiction. In these cases, it is particularly useful to have this kind of zero-threshold access to local law expertise we have the privilege to enjoy and utilise within the same firm. This is especially true for Albert, who truly embodies seamless cross-border cooperation even on very short notice. We have had several projects where some sort of Finnish/Swedish comparison or other local law insights have been required to be compiled swiftly, and we have always been able to provide timely advice to our clients with next to no additional lead time.


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