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Career Stories | Jasmin Metwally, Associate, IP & Technology, Helsinki

13 May 2024

Could you tell us about your journey at Hannes?

I first joined Hannes as an associate trainee in the IP&Tech team in fall 2022. I got an opportunity to continue the traineeship during spring 2023. After that, I wrote my master’s thesis and then was delighted to return to the same team to work as an associate lawyer. Altogether, I have been a part of the Hannes team for over a year already. Time flies!


How would you describe your normal workday? What kind of matters have you been handling?

All workdays in our team are different. My usual tasks include a broad range of IPR matters, as well as issues related to technology and data protection. These matters range from drafting and commenting on various types of agreements to regulatory advice in different fields of law. In addition, I have been involved in different M&A projects by assisting our M&A team in IP and technology related aspects.


What are you mostly looking forward to in your career as a lawyer?

I am looking forward to working with challenging and interesting assignments. I have already learned a lot from my colleagues, and I want to keep improving my skills and professional expertise with the team. Moreover, I am excited to get to meet new people and expand my professional network.


How would you describe the Hannes culture?

The culture here is warm and welcoming but also driven and professional. I see the Hannes culture every day, for example, in how people treat each other and are willing to share their expertise.


What do you like to do in your spare time?

I like doing sports and spending time with friends and family. I go to dance class twice a week and to the gym regularly. During wintertime, I enjoy ice swimming. Sadly, the season is ending soon, but don’t get me wrong, I prefer the summer season in every other aspect.


Based on your own experience, what are your top three tips for a newly graduated lawyer?

  1. In my experience, the best way to learn is working on complex matters with support from your senior colleagues.
  2. Be open and curious towards all kinds of assignments each one offers a unique learning opportunity.
  3. Don’t be afraid to ask if you are not sure about something.


Hannes Snellman is cooperating with Päätös, a podcast focused on decision-making, for its fifth season this spring. Inspired by the podcast, we would like to conclude this interview by asking you about decision-making — what would you say is the most significant decision you have made when it comes to your professional life?

The most significant decision I have made was when I decided to apply for an associate trainee position at Hannes Snellman. At that time, I was working as a trainee in a large corporation and had also previously gained experience working at the Finnish Tax Administration. My interest in intellectual property rights was sparked during my studies, but I had not yet had the chance to work in this field. I was curious to see what handling IPR matters in a large law firm would be like. Looking back, I consider myself fortunate to have made that decision as through the traineeship I realised that IP and technology are indeed the fields I want to pursue my career in.


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