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Career Stories | Elina Aulis, KM Coordinator

27 March 2022

KM Coordinator Elina Aulis has been working at Hannes Snellman for over 20 years. Before her current role as a KM coordinator in our Tech & Innovation Team, Elina worked as an assistant and as a client relations coordinator. In 2019, we asked Elina about career development, and this is what she had to say back then: “I think it is fair to say that irrespective of your profession or role, you can always further your development and career by being interested, wanting to learn, engaging yourself in the work community, showing initiative, and taking responsibility.” As Elina has such interesting ideas for career development, we asked her to tell us about her eventful career at Hannes Snellman.

What has your career at Hannes Snellman been like?  

Most of all, it has been highly rewarding. I am extremely grateful that I have been given opportunities to closely experience different roles and duties in different business areas and support functions at Hannes Snellman. I have had the privilege to see our firm from varying perspectives, and thanks to that I am able to better understand our vision, values, and way of working and appreciate my colleagues at Hannes Snellman even more. At the same time, I have had the front row seat to learn to understand business life, how the economic infrastructure is built, and the role of different authorities and stakeholders in it.

What is the best advice you have received when it comes to your career? It does not perhaps culminate in one particular piece of advice, but it is more the fact that I have had brilliant people around me throughout my working life, and I have been able to learn and receive advice and feedback from them on a more continuous basis. They have assisted me in forming a clearer understanding of what kind of career I would like to have.

You have experience working in different roles at Hannes. What has been the best part and what has been the most challenging part about the different roles?

The best part has been the versatility of my duties and the possibility to learn several new skills that I would not have perhaps learned if I had been working in the same position the whole time. The challenging part has been to begin each role from as clean a table as possible and not let the previous experience define my approach too much.

How has the work in a law firm developed over the years?

It has developed and changed a lot, in terms of pace and ways of working and also, if possible, towards an even more client-centric approach. Independent of your position in a law firm, you have to constantly keep developing your know-how and skills and be ready to adapt to the changing circumstances. Also, the digital transformation has had and continues to have a huge effect on the way we work and enables us to do our work more quickly and more effectively nowadays. We also already see exciting new collaboration possibilities with clients and internal clients within the firm.

How would you describe Hannes Snellman’s culture?

We do things with a “client first” attitude, together, efficiently, productively, with a problem-solving approach without forgetting inclusivity, team spirit, respect, or support.

One theme that currently stands out in working life discussions is purpose. To conclude this interview, what are the things that keep you going and motivated in work — what is your purpose?

Clients, stakeholders, and all the people I work with at Hannes Snellman. My purpose is to support and help them through my work the very best way I can. What keeps me going and motivated is my desire to succeed and excel in doing that.


FAVOURITEWay of Commuting – Train Book – Bill Bryson’s “A Short History of Nearly Everything” Lunch – (Jerusalem) artichoke soup Podcast – Hello, Cleveland!, recently introduced to me by my friend Work Equipment – Two screens Afternoon Routine – Cup of coffee Mobile Application – Outlook Relaxation Method – Listening or playing music or “shower singing” Work Outfit – an accessory, my authentic-patterned tartan shawl Power Song – The Mercy Seat by Nick Cave Website – Ristikkoratkojat (“Cross-word solvers”) Social Media Channel – Instagram Drink – Coffee (since the age of four) Weekday – Friday Leisure Activity – Rambling outdoors


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