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At Work and At Leisure, Part IV: Synchronized Skating

23 July 2018

In the fourth and last part of our summer series, M&A Associate Ella will talk about her hobby, synchronized skating. Summer naturally means a break from skating practice, but luckily it will be possible to hit the ice soon at the turn of July and August.

What is your hobby and the story behind it?
My hobby is synchronized skating, and I have skated since I was a child. I started at the age of eight – a bit too late for skating at a competitive level, but synchronized skating was nevertheless one of my favourite hobbies. I gradually gave it up when other hobbies came along, but my sister still skates at a world championships level, so synchronized skating still has a part in my life in that way. A couple years back I got back to synchronized skating when I started participating in the operations of a skating school for adults. Practices are held once a week at weekends, so I have been able to combine this hobby with my work. We also compete every now and then, and there may be up to five competitions per season.

What is the best thing about your hobby?
I like synchronized skating because it combines speed, sports, music, and teamwork. It is rewarding to skate with the team, and I do not take synchronized skating too seriously. The most important factors are the joy and well-being it provides and working together with my friends.

What does your hobby say about you?
At least it says something about teamwork – I like being an irreplaceable part of the team and working towards a mutual goal. I think it also says something about my general attitude towards life. I believe that it is important to hold on to your dreams and to pursue them.

What kinds of skills or qualities has your hobby helped you improve?
Combining a regular hobby with my work as an associate lawyer requires planning ahead and a certain discipline. Along with my hobby, my team-working skills and a systematic attitude towards my work have improved.

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