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At Work and At Leisure, Part III: Hiking

16 July 2018

This time, Managing Associate Antti will tell you about his hobby, hiking. If you would like to try hiking but do not really know where to start, this article will provide you with some tips on how to get started.

What is your hobby and the story behind it?
Hiking has been my hobby since 2010. I got the idea from my wife; she is a former scout and once took me to the forest with her. These days, we mainly spend our holidays  hiking in Finland and abroad. Last summer, we spent the holiday in the Alps and walked long distance routes. One of them is Tour du Mont Blanc, where we spent ten days and hiked 165 kilometres on challenging routes while enjoying the wonderful views of the Alps. In addition, there are many beautiful hiking trails in Finland. Last summer, we hiked the Kevo trail in Northern Lapland’s subalpine forest, open fells, and the canyon valley. In addition, in the immediate proximity of the metropolitan area are Kirkkonummi’s Lake Meiko and Nuuksio and Sipoonkorpi National Parks.

What is the best thing about your hobby?
The enjoyment of hiking comes from long-term effort that rewards at the end but also during the journey. One of the best sides of hiking is the complete detachment from everyday life. When hiking in a demanding environment, you cannot focus on anything else but the next step. For me, hiking is the best way to exercise. It is not particularly intensive but rather demanding and rewarding in a longer span of time. In addition, hiking comes with a close contact to nature and an access to otherwise unreachable, unique nature destinations.

What does the hobby say about you?
In my opinion, my hobby highlights patience and the ability to tolerate uncertainty. Hiking happens on the terms of variable circumstances. In the Alps, it might sleet in July, and when you walk a muddy trail in the rain for three days, thinking about how nice some sunshine would be will not help you.

What skills or qualities has your hobby helped you improve?
Orderliness and adaptability to changing situations are the most important skills required in hiking, and those skills have developed along the way. The worst experiences come from the feeling of being forced to finish a trail a specific day without wanting to. A broad perspective is necessary, and so is practicality. On trails that take multiple days, the equipment has to be light but still safe.

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