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A Day in the Life of an Office Support Trainee

27 September 2022

What does a day as an office support trainee look like? See below!

8:30 AM Morning shift starts. Usually, one of us is assigned on catering duty for the day, so that person starts the day by helping with anything in that field. The other one goes out to run the usual morning errands.

8:45 AM We do the daily shop and refill the food and coffee in Café Courtyard, the office “coffee shop”.

9:00 AM We check our email and go through the agenda for the day. When we are clear on what everyone’s going to be doing, we go our separate ways to do what needs to be done! We take care of anything that may come up during the day. The task requests may come from assistants or lawyers, for instance.

When the morning post comes, we sort it and deliver to the right recipients.

10:00 AM Evening shift starts.

We help with arrangements for different events at the office.

We deliver documents to various places, such as different authorities and clients.

In the afternoon, we tidy up Café Courtyard and refill the snacks.

We also work in the reception, where we handle travel arrangements, welcome clients, and take care of other daily tasks.

4:30 PM Morning shift ends.

5:00 PM We close the reception.

6:00 PM Evening shift ends, and we are done for the day!

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