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Tech is All Around: Blog Series and Hannes Snellman Summer School

22 August 2018

Authors: Emma Swahne and Sini Matkonen

Tech is all around – literally. We exploit technology in everything that we do, for example, when we act as employees or consumers, or participate in social relations. Hence, technology has been a hot topic in conversations for years, often coloured by various future scenarios. Without doubt, ever since the invention of stone-made tools – not to mention industrial machines, the computer, and the Internet – there have been discussions on how emerging technologies will replace us and no human factor will be needed in many positions in the years to come. There are both apocalyptic theories and views that we are freed from labour to develop ourselves and focus on more important things in life.

However, today everyone is more or less presumed to understand technology, and more precisely, information technology. As the technologies develop with accelerating pace and the fuss around may seem rather confusing, we are launching Tech Is All Around blog series that shall during this autumn take a closer look at the current “legal tech” hot potatoes, presented by our own advisors and guest writers who work in practice with the driving change in corporations’ business models and strategies. The blog series shall explain the basics of some of the key phenomena, including the most common related speculations, so you may shine in coffee table discussions, but also dig into the specific legal issues and controversies that have recently surfaced. If the Tech is All Around theme captures your interest, make sure to follow our blog this autumn.

Alongside the blog series, Tech is All Around is also the theme of this year’s Hannes Snellman Summer School that will be held this week in Stockholm. In order to bring working life closer to future legal tech experts still on the school bench, we will host a two-day event that features lectures and discussions led by practitioners from the legal and corporate world as well as networking with experienced experts and other law students. See more here.