Hannes Academy

In addition to learning by doing, coaching, and giving feedback, we have a structured learning platform, Hannes Academy, which consists of a comprehensive introductory training programme and internal and external lectures covering legal training and professional skills training.

“Hannes Academy is a great channel for sharing knowledge, experiences, and best practices, and it also provides a platform for learning from our own experts and external speakers.”

Taina Tenhunen, Head of Tech and Innovation


At Hannes Snellman, each new employee will go through an orientation process, which provides them with the basic tools they will need to perform their tasks and ensures that they become an integrated member of our team. Every new employee will also be assigned a tutor, who is there to introduce them to the social activities at the office and make them feel welcome.

Legal Training

Learning by doing is the most important part of our employees’ legal training. However, we also offer legal training of various other kinds, such as basic courses that aim to give our employees an up-to-date overview of all core fields of law practised at Hannes Snellman as well as advanced training based on an employee’s role and growing experience. Hannes Academy legal training is a great way to get to know our specialists and to share knowledge. We also invite and encourage all our employees to lecture with more experienced colleagues at Hannes Academy from the very beginning of their career. Our lawyers comply with the Swedish and Finnish Bar Associations' rules of 18 hours of professional legal training per year.

Professional Skills Training

On top of legal training, we also offer other learning opportunities that boost our employees’ professional identity, job satisfaction, and career development. We encourage employees to take responsibility for their own professional development and support them by providing relevant training on, for example, project management, leadership skills, presentation skills, giving feedback, time management, writing blogs, networking, IT programmes, and legal English.